Driving lessons in Sittard - Geleen

Driving is fun, and a driver's license means independence and freedom!

If you want to learn how to drive well in a personal and relaxed atmosphere, you're in the right place with us!

The driving school in Sittard!

You will always receive driving lessons from the same driving instructor who will guide you in a friendly and honest manner.

Jan is passionate about his work. He aims to teach you how to drive in the most pleasant way possible and help you pass your exam.

Thanks to this approach, many students enjoy taking their driving lessons at the Sittard-Geleen driving school.

I not only provide driving lessons in Sittard and Geleen, but if you live in the surrounding area, you can also turn to the driving school.

Personal Driving School Sittard-Geleen
At Rijschool Struijcken, 'personal and relaxed' is not just a slogan. To us, you are not just a number. We know all the students at the Sittard-Geleen driving school by name, and I am aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

This allows us to tailor our driving lessons to you as effectively as possible. By taking your personal preferences and abilities into account, I aim to teach you how to drive in a pleasant and relaxed manner.

A good instructor never runs a large driving school because it sacrifices personal attention, contact, and quality.To maintain this quality and a personal atmosphere, I consciously choose to remain small.
In this way, I can provide you with high-quality driving lessons, enabling you to obtain your driver's license responsibly.  
About me
In 1999, I obtained my teaching license, and I have been a driving instructor for over 23 years now.

What I personally find very important is creating a good atmosphere in the car.

When the candidate feels comfortable, learning becomes easier and faster. However, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't work seriously; after all, we have a goal in mind, which is your driver's license.

Over all these years, I have had many different candidates beside me, and each candidate has their own approach.
I haven't taken a specific course in the field of autism, test anxiety, or ADHD, but I have become adept at recognizing these characteristics and have found that I can adapt well to what each student needs.


Package A

  • 25 driving lessons 60 minutes
  • 1 Intake-lesson
  • Pretest
  • Exam B

Package B

  • 35 driving lessons 60 minutes
  • 1 Intake-lesson
  • Pretest
  • Exam B

Package C

  • 45 driving lessons 60 minutes
  • 1 Intake-lesson
  • Pretest
  • Exam B

Intake Lesson

60 minutes € 37.50 (free with package purchase)


Driving Lessons for Driver's License B

Lesson 60 minutes, € 56.50



Pretest B, € 220.00



Driver's License B Exam, € 250.00



Online through iTheorie € 69.00

 5 Stars isn't enough in my opinion. If you're searching for an excellent driving school, especially for English speakers and an excellent teacher, give Rijschool Struijcken a call. Jan is trough and trough professional, patiënt and has always a good advise. 


 Erg fijne en goede rijschool, waarin Jan de tijd neemt om jou op je gemak te stellen. Jan legt de focus op jou, door de rijlessen op je ontwikkelingsniveau aan te passen. Ook zijn rust, kalmte en gezag helpen om snel goed te leren rijden. Ik kan iedereen aanbevelen om rijlessen bij Jan te nemen, ben erg tevreden. 


 A big thank you to Jan Struijcken! I couldn’t have wished for a more friendly, funny, and motivating driving instructor. Jan taught me to be a good driver by complimenting me for my skills, while kindly teasing me on the things I needed to improve. I always looked forward to the next driving lesson and will forever remember my amazing driving instructor. 

  • Biesenhof, 6132 SR Sittard, Nederland
  • KvK nr.: 14062525